MONTENAPOLEONE DESIGN EXPERIENCE 2019 MILAN l'è on gran MILAN – Milan from reconstruction to the economic boom Milan, 8 - 14 April 2019

In the “Quadrilateral of Design”, where the boutiques of the most prestigious Global Luxury Brands celebrate the union of fashion and design in the year’s most eagerly-awaited event, the open-air photographic exhibition along Via Montenapoleone pays tribute to the iconic architecture of Milan, a city now more than ever under the international spotlight.

During Milan Design Week 2019, MonteNapoleone District continues its mission to promote the city around the world, and celebrates the Milan of post-World War II reconstruction with an open-air photographic exhibition curated by Alessandro Cocchieri entitled “MILAN l'è on gran MILAN – Milan from reconstruction to the economic boom”. Along Via Montenapoleone the photographs of artist and photographer Maurizio Montagnawill narrate the challenge of reconstruction which Milan won, and which would lead to its becoming an international city in the years of the “great economic boom”.  In chronological order, the exhibition presents the iconic buildings – designed among others by Luigi Moretti, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Giovanni Muzio, Lorenzo Muzio, Pietro Lingeri, Arturo Dannuso, Piero Portaluppi, Gio Ponti, Mario Bacciocchi, Vico Magistretti, Studio BBPR, Tito Bassanesi Varisco, Luigi Mattioni and Eugenio and Ermenegildo Soncini – that marked the period from the post-war years to the Seventies. The Milan of new city planning, expansion and residential growth; the Milan which defined its skyline with soaring towers. A city, heavily damaged by WWII, which showed its social identity in its architecture, the same architecture that still today reflects the image of Milanese society, a society that has never bowed its head and has always worked towards its own improvement.