Twenty years after its last fashion show at the famous Paris Ritz, Chanel has presented a collection connected with the ‘Metiers d’Art’, evoking the vintage elegance and timeless charm of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel

  • Massimo De Angelis

The foyer and ground floor of the luxurious hotel provided the setting for three fashion shows, at lunch time, tea time and dinner time. Women in immaculate tweed suits, golden embroidery and sequined dresses swirled about and the warm atmosphere and vintage flavour of the fashion shows was underlined by elaborate and sometimes nostalgic dresses, worn with hairstyles in the same vein, big flowers and dark hat veils. The audience, seated at tables or on velvet armchairs, participated enthusiastically in the show, admiring the models in gowns studded with feathers, lace and decorations, embroidered jackets, big floor-length skirts and wide trousers. This was the last fashion show for stylist Karl Lagerfeld, who commented, ‘I have attempted to express old-fashioned charm in a modern way. We live in a different age now, but this line attempts to convey a certain concept of charm and refinement’.