Stella McCartney’s upcoming season reflects the typical contrasts of her womenswear and fuses her classic British heritage with a bold and unconventional approach, a dichotomy that’s expressed in her own highly individual style.

  • Massimo De Angelis

This is the key to reading her combination of masculine and feminine influences, with graphic prints and iconic motifs, fluidity and innovation. The colour palette displays a perfect balance of tradition and softness mixed with vibrant modernity, evidenced by the juxtaposition of the ritual shades used by the British label - grey melange, sand, bluette - and intense tones such as orange or vermilion. Taking its inspiration from the famous Beatles film ‘Yellow Submarine’, the ‘All Together Now’ collection is characterised by psychedelic motifs, while the fabrics evoke the band’s outfits and come in single-colour versions or contrasting bright purple. The collection also features garments inspired by the wardrobe of Paul and Linda, which are reinterpreted by Stella with an extremely personal slant. But the British label doesn’t stop here, and has chosen to unveil its new campaign for summer 2019 with rising star Kaia Gerber and evergreen top model Kate Moss at centre stage, showcasing the elegance of the McCartney woman of today and tomorrow. The fresh and impactful images celebrate the style of the summer season. The creative theme that’s the focus of the entire collection is the circle, symbol of femininity, reminiscent of the brand’s dotted logo and a predominant feature of Stella’s design. The choice of this shape also reflects the label’s commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.