A prestigious new partner to give a boost to the ‘Italia Independent’ lifestyle brand.

  • Massimo De Angelis

The company has completed the share capital increase resolved on last October, totalling almost 15 million euros, with founder and majority shareholder Lapo Elkann now owning 63% of the company’s share capital, while his brother John, president of the FCA Group, has become the second shareholder, acquiring a strategic 8.6% share. The investment has met with a positive response on the financial markets, and in addition to the 10 million shares subscribed by the family owning it, the Turin-based eyewear and communications enterprise has now seen an additional 5 million in shares subscribed.  CEO Giovanni Carlino, appointed early in November, comments: ‘We’re happy to have successfully completed this reinforcement of our assets, and to be able to count on the support of strong shareholders who, by subscribing the new shares, confirm their confidence in the reorganisation process currently underway’.